A Rare Pearl In The Wilderness by Marilyn Clarke-Jones


Marilyn Clarke-Jones is an exciting new writer, whose work covers non-fiction, poetry and prose. Born in North West London to West-Indian parents, Marilyn’s journey from her turbulent beginnings to now a published author has been a whirlwind of highs, lows and revelations, all documented here in her first book ‘A Rare Pearl in the Wilderness.’

In this autobiography, she reveals the scars left by the neglect, abandonment and rejection that shaped her early life growing up in care. From a baby in a residential nursery, then on to a well-known children’s home called Barnardos. It then ultimately goes on to tell the story of her redemption.

Marilyn has gone on to become a mother of four boys. She trained and qualified as a councillor, worked as a carer and contact supervisor, and has worked in a school as a Classroom Assistant. Marilyn has also worked as a volunteer in a Christian organisation, where her empathy and compassion have been put to good use in working with those in need.

With this autobiography, she hopes that her words will give inspiration, motivation, and encouragement and that it gives support to others in navigating their way out of their own wilderness. She’s currently working on a collection of poetry and other projects to support those in need.

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