Being a published author is the ultimate way to build a reputation as the go-to expert and category authority in a particular field. It builds incredible trust and credibility within a marketplace and leads to all sorts of opportunities that otherwise would have never come your way. If you look at any leading authority figure in a particular field and the chances are they're a published author. However, as a typical book author barely makes more than minimum wage, they did not write a book to make money through royalties (far from it). Instead...

‘They have learned the secret to leveraging their book!’

Publishing For Success™ serves to give budding authors the know-how and the platform to achieve success as a published author, beyond the sales of their books. We stage events where industry experts share valuable insights of how authors can:

• Get their books in the hands of Hollywood studio execs, willing to pay for the opportunity to capitalize on the relationships they've forged with their readers.

• Be equipped with the tools and strategies for leveraging their book to kick-start a lucrative speaking career.

Publishing For Success™ is brought to you by Life and Success Publishing and Successful Living International, a social enterprise company dedicated bridging the gap between vision and destiny.

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