Being the Authentic You


To become your authentic self, you must begin by taking the time to get to know yourself. You must seek and gain the knowledge of understanding human nature. Take an awareness break; What can you change and what can you not change, your personality habits, learned behaviors, values, sense of fairness in society, needs, goals, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses and motives. You must merge these to form your own model of how you interact with people.

Understanding what guides you

throughout your life, realizing your signature strengths, and the true stature of your being are extremely helpful on your journey to the authentic you. Apply those signature strengths toward your authentic goals. Becoming an authentic person by positioning your self-image, public-image and stature to flow naturally in a state of awareness. Gain the confidence to be compassionate, loving, honorable, respectful, forgiving, humble and content.

To understand the gap between who you are now and your authentic self, write a list of words that describe who you want to be and who you believe you can be. Concentrate on words that describe who you are, not what you do. Now write down a separate list of words that describe who you are now. How many words are the same on both lists? How many are different? How closely do the lists compare? What changes do you have to make?

You must ask yourself how much do you value relationships? Do you desire and are you willing to be your authentic yourself and have authentic relationships? Are you open to change, growth, being vulnerable and transparent to others? Unless you can answer yes to all three questions, it’s futile to hope for authentic relationships with others or yourself. Because you’ll always be hiding something!

Here are a some things I’ve observed in authentic people:

Authentic people are not afraid to be who they are,
show who they are and share with you openly.

There is no acting, posturing or deception. They feel no need to build themselves up to look better to you nor tear themselves down to look worse. They are secure in their being. They know their strengths and use them in a loving, honorable, respectful, kind and compassionate manner. They know their weaknesses and when they fall into them, they catch themselves and make changes not beating themselves up about it. They are, “keeping it real” but never have to say it!

We know when we’re in the presence of an authentic person
because we feel relaxed and safe.

We feel their attention and respect, we feel important and interesting because they listen. Authentic people make us feel that way because that is how they see us, and through their insight we in turn see ourselves. We see the promise of our own lives, infinite possibilities and boundless living capabilities through their enlightened vision. We trust their vision and know it’s possible because they make us see it. It’s a wonderful gift they give us and in turn we can share with others. But we can only give it if we’re authentic. Authentic people know nothing is more important than the present moment.

Authentic people are interested in others thoughts and feelings.

They have learned that having an authentic relationship holds the key to joy and happiness. It’s effortless to them and they just flow without judgment. It is natural because they have developed this ability through wisdom and understanding. They no we all are one and see a part of themselves in others, which is part of the divine spirit.

Authentic people are approachable.

It doesn’t matter what position they hold in society or what activity they are presently engaged in, you will always be treated in a honorable, respectful and loving manner. We know when we’re in their presence through their energy getting into us. Authentic people live day-by-day, in the moment, giving situations all the importance each one deserves.

Authentic people know their place in the world and fill it with joy.

They may hold a position of power and influence or one of many humble means. It is not the occupation or position that distinguishes them, it’s their knowledge of and ability to know and be themselves, and have meaningful relationships with others.

Authenticity does not happen overnight and not easily obtained. People are full of arrogance and selfishness, which cuts them off from their authentic selves. People are so wrapped up in their agendas, busy with their own lives and preoccupied with shallow things. We need to take more time to know ourselves, “Mellow Into The Moment” so you can start, “Enjoying A Better You!” Our concerns with ourselves and only ourselves can change with a little will and desire. If a deep authentic relationship is important to you, you must become authentic. Nothing is impossible and you can do it, just open up and take one step at a time towards positive growth, through knowledge and understanding of self. As time goes on you will become more authentic, you will enjoy deeper relationships, also better mental and physical health. It’s well worth it to explore ourselves and become authentic.


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