Ecstasy by Bridget O. Juwah



The book Ecstasy reveals that an active romantic life for couples could reduce relationship breakups as well as misuse and abuse of sex enhancing drugs, and their multiple health implications. Love hormones of endorphins and oxytocin can be activated in the body by simple romantic tips that could keep lovers constantly desiring each other. Couples should keep their love lives happy and frisky. 

Nostalgic ecstatic moments of the first “chase” and the subsequent “capture” of one’s lover should form stimulations of a life-time. Igniting the romantic sparkle with romantic leads and overtures is the focus of this book. Bridget has assembled brilliantly this literary work for good emotional health and pleasurable reading. 



Bridget is a Professor of the Social Sciences, and author of Flames of Love, Growing Up, and Where Angels Fear to Tread – The Skid Row Experiences. She was formerly the Head of Administration, Delta Steel Company, Lagos, Nigeria.

Bridget, who is the President of Health Foundation works with a four member Board of Trustees, including a British counterpart. Health Foundation gives free medical aid to impoverished pregnant women, and vagrant psychotics, organizes public lectures, symposia, and television talk shows on socio-medical issues for societal development.
Bridget was an Independent Producer/Presenter of a popular Television Program, “Talking Health,” which she used as a medium to disseminate information on issues of drug abuse and reproductive health.

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