FELIZ ANGOLA by Patricia Pascoal



Feliz Angola contains fresh Angolan food recipes which is not spoken or written anywhere else. Most of you may know that the best cooks on earth are our mothers. Ms Pascoal yearns to unveil these fresh and fantastic recipes in her new book. These recipes, are our innovative style of cooking. It’s Ms Pascoal heart’s desire to show these recipes with you in the hope it will be appreciated by you. With that in mind, Patricia Pascoal invites you learn these delightful recipes, which is not just for the Angolan people, but for those of you in the four corners of the earth.



Ms Patricia Pascoal was born in Luanda 5 April 1984, she spent most of her childhood in London where she currently lives. She is an Interior Designer by profession and author who established a reputation for creating Angolan recipe books.

Ms Pascoal’s philosophy is to build a reputation as an advocate of Angola. Her continuous aim is to put forward Angola in the front line of the world stage and showing the attributes of Angolan people, promoting them and influencing others to follow their dream. The author further expresses her philosophy:

“If you are the only person with an extravagant vision that sounds outrageous, never drop that vision because it’s that outrageous vision which will make you and even help those that are far off. Never underestimate the power of a vision and never let it die, if you let it die another person will take that place and achieve what you deny to take as a challenge”.  

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