How to Become a Public Speaker


It is not as difficult as you might think to become a speaker at various events, though it does take some knowledge, patience, and effort. The speaking industry has grown quite a bit over the past decade and with the internet right at the fingertips, it is much easier today to promote yourself as a speaker than it was pre-internet days.

To become a speaker, there are several things to keep in mind as you work toward the promotion of yourself.

Know your topic inside and out

The first thing you ought to do before venturing out to speak at events is become an expert in whatever your topic is. You certainly don’t have to be at the top of your field, but you should have a good bit of knowledge and personal experience in the subject you are seeking to share with other people. If marketing is your passion, become a marketing expert and have some proof to back it up. If you can give valuable information to help small business owners take their business to the next level, go ahead and share your expertise.Speak for free

In the beginning of your speaking career, go ahead and offer to speak for free at different venues. You can ask local business groups, community colleges, or conferences if they will allow you to share your topic of interest for free. This is a great way to get started and see if you really enjoy the experience. If you can audio or video tape your talk, go ahead and do so as you can use the track for the promotion of your speaking services. After you have some experience, begin to ask the meeting planner this question; “What is your budget for the speaker?” This will put them on notice that you are now a professional speaker.

Design a professional website

If you create a professional website for your speaking profession, you are more apt to get some speaking gigs. Be sure to accentuate your strengths, have excellent content, let readers know about your expertise and experience, and if you can add a video of yourself speaking at an event, do so. Potential clients want to see you in action before committing to having you speak at their event, so go ahead and post one or several videos on your website. Your website copy should speak to the pain and needs of your potential client.Find suitable speaking events or conferences

Do some research online to see what your options are regarding speaking venues. Search conferences that appeal to you. Network with your business friends and acquaintances via social media and in the community. Keep an ongoing list of venues that interest you and contact them one by one.

Go to events and conferences

In order to become familiar with events and conferences, go to as many as you can. Introduce yourself to others and let them know that you are a speaker as well. Network while you are at the events and if there are social networking communities tied to the event, feel free to join. Let people know that you are a professional speaker. As a speaker, you must get in the habit of promoting yourself and a great place to do so is among other people at key events.

Create a YouTube channel

If you have skills or expertise to share, go ahead and share some of your information via a YouTube channel. This is a great way to get yourself known as a professional and gain some exposure. Some event planners may come across your videos and seek to hire you to speak at their next event. YouTube is a wonderful way to market yourself.

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