I Am Blessed Daily by Selina Essumang


This book will enlighten your knowledge on the journey to prosperity. The power of positive declaration will enable you speak life by faith to unlock your spiritual blessings. Faith is what you need as a believer in your walk with God. Whatsoever, you believe in your heart must be spoken in FAITH. “Faith is what gets the job done” (Dr. David Antwi). A Believer who speaks without FAITH is like pouring water in a basket. All the hard work is in vain and nothing will be achieved. As you hear the word and knowing the sovereignty of God, believe and speak it in faith to uproot, break and unlock your destiny to receive. I believe this book will serve its purpose in your life as you declare in FAITH.


Selina Essumang was born in Ghana. She has dedicated her life in the things of God for a long time at Kharis ministries. By the grace of God had achieved MSc in Investigative Forensic Psychology and aspiring to become an investigator. She joined the British Red Cross as a volunteer in 2005 as a first Aider. She is a woman of faith, who through her strong faith, got completely healed from stroke when she was paralysed on the 6th March 2014. She has repositioned herself to pursue into evangelism winning souls for Christ.

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