Improve The Quality of Your Life


The quality of life is determined by the amount of truth you wish to embrace or untruths you wish to surrender. It really is up to you how you experience life and how you express life. The human race is such a mixed bunch and that is exactly how it was meant to be. Everyone on this planet is expressing their life through their perception of life. Every single soul was born into a family, culture, religion or society that came with its own set of conditioning. What most of us end up living is the life we inherited and not the life we came here to live and the quality of that life depends on how aware we are of our true being.

How to improve the quality of your life

So how do we improve our lives and express the quality of life we were meant to? We start by fully embracing everything in life by being willing to surrender those ideas, concepts and beliefs that have kept us living a limited life. Sounds easy I know but it is a challenge and most people don’t take up the challenge. One of the main reasons why most people don’t take up the challenge is because they don’t realise that they have what it takes to make that challenge serve them; and or they believe they can achieve what they want through another way. In fact most people buy into both of these thoughts which fuels their actions into taking short cuts or living in denial and unaware of their true potential.

Take off the limits

It’s the limitations we have had placed on ourselves and the ones we continue to walk hand in hand with that rob us of the unveiling of our true self. We hide under our pains; our projections of what others have or have not done and the lies we buy into. Those beliefs that you are living that are not bringing you into your highest potential, but instead has you settling for much less than what your heart knows to be true has a root and you must uproot it as it is not rooted in truth. You were created to walk in your highest potential expressing the qualities that brought your purpose into being, which are joy, peace, abundance and love. So be willing to do the things listed below and everything else that would seek to hinder the quality of your life.


  • Be willing to search your heart.
  • Be willing to embrace everything in life even those things you don’t understand.
  • Be willing to forgive those who have hurt you.
  • Be willing to question the stories you were told by well meaning relatives and friends.
  • Be willing to question ideologies that you have inherited.
  • Be willing to see love everywhere.
  • Be willing to accept responsibility for your life by releasing expectations on everyone else.
  • Be wiling to forsake the opinions of others about you good and bad.
  • Be willing to see your desires fulfilled without the constraints of your limited thinking.
  • Be willing to let go of your perceptions of others realising that your perceptions
    which are not based on truth will hinder, seriously delay or enhance your journey.
  • Be willing for people to forsake you because they don’t like your beliefs.
  • Be willing to step out and fall down and make huge mistakes.
  • Be willing to see yourself in everyone else and extend peace,
    compassion and love to him or her.
  • Be willing to release your attitudes knowing that they will only
    delay your awakening to whom you are.
  • Be willing to surrender the idea that you need to suffer just
    because that belief has been handed down to you.
  • Be willing to express your true natures, which are love, joy,
    peace and abundance unhindered by anything.
  • Be willing to surrender manipulation of others through habitual behaviour patterns.
  • Be willing to allow the real you unveil and enjoy you in this human experience.
  • I think you get it now, the quality of our life is determined by how much untruths
    we are willing to surrender and how much truth we are willing to allow in. The choice is yours!