Pearls of Wisdom [Deluxe Edition] by Allan Sealy


Allan Sealy presents this beautiful deluxe edition of his Pearls of Wisdom Life Skills Strategies Series filled with inspirational and thought provoking graphical themes. Birthed from years of experience and in-depth study in the art of excellence, Allan Sealy presents cutting edge practical tools on life mastery from a unique perspective. A trained life coach and CEO of a successful media company, Allan conveys sound success principles and cutting edge practical tools on life mastery from a unique perspective. Pearls of Wisdom was first published as teaching articles in Allan’s spearhead magazine - Spread The Word - a successful media and events magazine. These teaching articles quickly became a focal point by the magazine’s many readers, which was reflected in a sharp rise in subscribers. Allan now presents the full extended version of these lessons in an innovative and profound series of life skills strategies.


Allan Livingstone Sealy’s passion for excellence and the success of other people is reflected in everything he achieves. As a trained life coach, prolific author, and inspirational speaker, his teachings on life mastery has become the focal point of his published books and magazines, empowering many to renew their thinking and making positive change to their lives. A man on a mission, Allan Sealy is shaping the international concept of what is possible to achieve in one’s life by recognizing their inner genius, creative power and immense value. He also conducts Wisdom Brings Success Seminars, where many have been impacted and empowered by his eloquent, yet passionate delivery of practical wisdom and strategies for life and success.

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