Where Are Your Accusers? by Benedicta Olagunju



• Are you haunted by the past errors that you unfortunately plunged into?
• Are you entrapped by the illusory shadows of your past?
• Do you still
stagger from the push of yesterday’s mistakes?
• What is your flashback?

• Does it bring shame? Does it bring pain? Does it bring tears?

You may presently be in a situation where you feel tormented by the accusations and judgmental behaviour of people in you life. Your accusers and their accusations seem to have one over you when you consider your present circumstances. It might be that they have displayed self-righteousness towards you because, by your ignorance of how to deal with such people and the accusations they fire your way, you have permitted them to be a snare to you. Accusers only offer a detrimental contribution to your life; and the time to stop the negative effects of their  accusations is here and now!

Come away from the Great Error! Bin The Condemnations that accrue! Learn simple ways of Living Above Accusations. You are no longer the Accused, But Acquitted! You Are Still Valuable! Go And Sin No More!


Benedicta Olagunju is an established international conference speaker, a prophetic preacher and expositor of the word of God. She is the president of the Women With a Purpose Ministry of Focus International Christian Centre (FICC). Benedicta holds a Diploma in Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Applied Social Studies. She is an adept writer and counsellor in the areas of prayer, relationships, marriage and daily living.

Surrounded with wonderful children, Benedicta enjoys a blissful marriage with Pastor B.B Olagunju, a dynamic preacher and senior pastor of FICC.

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